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Welcome to Enclave.

Together, we are reimagining what work from home means for thousands of suburban professionals.

Enclave was founded in 2020…

…to deliver professional and thoughtfully designed work and lounge spaces for suburban professionals. Since opening our first location in Glen Ellyn, IL, we’ve grown to be the premier solution for hybrid work with the largest number of suburban locations across Chicagoland—and more coming soon!

Today, we are reimagining what work from home means for thousands of suburban professionals who want to stay local, but crave a professional environment. From our affordable business lounges to our private offices and designed for everyone from freelancers to corporate executives to parents who simply want to leave the house, our members can be more motivated, productive and happy at Enclave. No commute. No distractions. Just a joyful place to work close to home.

A Note From Our Founder

In 2019, my wife and I found ourselves in the suburbs with two young daughters, an oversized dog and careers that let us work from home. We quickly realized we needed a space where we could work locally—close to, but not at, home. Unfortunately, suburban coworking spaces were either expensive, not attractive or were simply bland offices with no semblance of community.

So we decided to open the first Enclave as a coworking space and lounge, a place where our friends and neighbors could get together to work, relax, and feel the sense of community & companionship that seemed to be missing. Well, you know the rest. A few months after opening in early 2020, remote work exploded, and Enclave adapted to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Today we have coworking spaces and lounges across Chicago’s suburbs and are quickly growing, with the financial backing of some of Silicon Valley’s largest VCs. We use advanced technology to manage the spaces and keep costs low. And together, with partners like you, we continue to redefine what coworking means—providing spaces that bring us together and enable us to do our best, most productive work.

With sincere gratitude,