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4 Tips to pick the best coworking space for you


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Coworking spaces can increase productivity and the feeling of companionship for remote workers and entrepreneurs. But with so many spaces on the market, it’s tricky to find the best option for you.

We’re sharing our best tips to help coworking newbies make the right choice the first time.Whether you prioritize location, design or simply price, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Design

Research has shown that natural light and open spaces can improve levels of creativity and productivity. Make sure that your environment is conducive to hosting clients, colleagues, and getting your best work done. What’s your work flow like? 

Tip: While traditional cubicle-like workspaces can feel comfortable – try new environments outside of your norm. Enclave blends the perks of bespoke coworking organizations and traditional office space to best foster community. Yes we have conference rooms, phone rooms, and private offices available– but our spaces are designed to be an extension of your living room, not the office. There are no fluorescent lights or beige carpets. And definitely no TPS reports!)

  1. Location 

Location plays a huge role in picking the right coworking office. Do you need to stay near your kids’ schools to manage carpooling? What about running home to let in the plummer at 2pm?

Unlike other companies in the suburbs, Enclave has a central presence in suburban downtowns – minutes from your home and close to your favorite bars, restaurants, and shops.

TIP: Ask us what local partners our members enjoy discounts at. You may run into the owner of your favorite restaurant or local salon owner over coffee!

  1. Price 

Are you looking for a month-to-month membership or are you willing to sign a contract to save money? 

No matter which coworking space you choose, ask about contract terms and hidden fees. The list pricing at some coworking spaces often fails to include the fine print and associated fees. Nobody wants their coworking space to resemble an airline with upcharges for everything!  

Tip: Enclave offers special promotions if you sign up on the day you tour- don’t be afraid to ask! 

  1. Culture

Some coworking companies may skew younger and place an emphasis on foosball or singles mixers. Other places are very quiet and dedicated more to productive work. Have a preference? Different spaces may feel different, and everyone has a preference.

If you’re a parent looking for a productive workspace close to your kids, or a business owner looking for a polished place to meet clients, Enclave may be the place for you. At Enclave, you can network daily with other professionals, plan wine nights with your spouse, host your holiday client appreciation party, and work on your side hustle amongst a community that knows your name. 

Interested in learning more about Enclave and seeing the space in person? Book a tour today!

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